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I’ve moved! October 6, 2010

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I’ve moved my blog. I’m now over at unearthingem.blogspot.com Come check me out there!


Decluttering and Shrinking February 23, 2010

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Since DGH has been in the hospital doing rehab therapy, our apartment seems so BIG! On top of that, it’s gone to crap because I come home merely to sleep, shower, maybe eat and feed the monsters.

I’ve decided today I’m going to abandon DGH at the hospital and go home after work to clean. I know, I know, it’s Curves day. I’m skipping that too. 😦 But the apartment is in some desperate need of TLC.

Because DGH may be coming home at the end of the week (please, please, please!!) our apartment definitely needs to be cleaned. Especially our bedroom . . . well, my side of our bedroom.

pic of my side of our room

Yes, I know. Straight out of the TV show Hoarders!

I’d show you DGH’s side, but I’m currently sorting laundry on that side of the room, so it’s a mess. Normally . . . spotless. *sigh* I married a neat freak.

Which is good when he’s home to do the cleaning . . . or mobile enough to do the cleaning. That’s going to fall to me for the next 4 months or so. This makes me admire my mom SO much more. She worked full time, raised the three of us and kept the house in decent order. A comfortable clean.

I obviously didn’t inherit that.

In my meanderings (I like that word . . . meandering.) about the blogosphere I came across Making This Home. She’s living in Germany in a 480 square foot apartment! YIKES! But I read about their kitchen remodel. Their kitchen . . . 32 square feet! I think my bathroom might be bigger!

She talked a lot about simplifying and decluttering. It’s got me thinking, besides the fact that our apt needs to be decluttered of all of MY stuff (DGH is a minimalist) it would be easier when we move later on this year.

So once I get the kitchen clean, the floor space that doesn’t have stuff on it vacuumed, laundry started I’m going to tackle my side of our bedroom.

So Katie @ Making This Home, thank you for kicking my butt and humbling me.

Exercise . . . Fail! February 20, 2010

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GDH and I decided that it would be best for him to stay in the hospital for 7 – 10 days to receive additional rehab therapy since the leg he had surgery on was the one he puts most of his weight on.

His surgery went well. I stayed the night in the hospital Wednesday night and got about 3 hours of broken sleep. Hospitals are NOT the place for sleep. Sheesh!

Because I was so exhausted I decided against going to Curves and went home to collapse. Except I was too tired to sleep.

I hate that!!

So yesterday afternoon after taking the monsters to the vet, I went and worked out.

I’ve heard about people saying how exercise helps mental clarity. I had never experienced that, until last night.

I got home and had a clear head and felt ready to go back to work. Monday. Not today.

This morning I was supposed to head back to work-out again. Unfortunately, they close at noon. I didn’t make it. 😦

My plan tonight after I get home from the hospital I am going to jump on the eliptical for an hour.

A few posts ago I talked about starting the couch to 5k program. With DGH being in the hospital, I’ve not started yet. And it’s cold!!

Next week my schedule normalizes a bit more so I plan on starting then.

Here goes nothin’.

Taking Care February 17, 2010

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Sorry. Not a whole lot to discuss today. DGH was in the hospital getting his ankle fused. He’s spending the night in the hospital and they’ve supplied a place for me too! I get to stay with him! Yipee!

Needless to say, eating was not good and no exercise happened. But I did manage to weigh in and have lost just over 1/2 a pound!!

What me? Run? HA! February 16, 2010

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I have a confession.


I abhor it. With every fiber of my being, I hate running. I have had an intense dislike for the activity most of my life. Even when I was playing soccer, I would always dread the jog around the field. Evil, evil evil!!!

But there’s a little voice inside me that keeps telling me that I actually like running. That I want to run.

Last year after doing several races that I walked (and one I was supposed to run but walked anyway) I decided to give it up and ignore the little voice. So far, so good. Until recently.

You see the Monument Avenue 10k is coming up at the end of March. Mom and I walked it last year and are going to be walking it again this year.  At the end of the race last year I was hoping to actually jog it this year. Obviously, that’s NOT happening. I’m actually okay with that though. I enjoy the time mom and I get to spend together walking up and down Monument and zipping past the slowpokes people.

In my meandering around the blogosphere I stumbled on Sheesh. Merry, the blogess, wrote in last Friday’s post about a Couch to 5k program and her experience with it.

This has got me thinking . . . now the 10k is too close, but maybe the Susan Kolman breast cancer 5k later on this year? Maybe I can run it this time? But I hate running!

I’m doing Curves 3 times a week now and I’m supposed to be doing 30 Day Shred with that EVIL EVIL EVIL Jillian Michaels lady 3 days a week.

Yea . . . that’s not happened.

So right now I’m working out 3 days a week and NOT 4 days. Hrmm . . . this is not good. The Couch to 5k that Merry was talking about is 3 days a week for 9 weeks. I think I could do this.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I go to Curves. Then I can work on being able to run Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Monday I can rest . . . or play WiiFit.  HA! Yea, I’ll be on my buttokis on my netbook writing a paper for school or someother form of school work.

So that’s my plan . . .but will it happen? Lord only knows!

No candy, no flowers . . . what’s a girl to do? February 16, 2010

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*sigh* All the pink hearts, red roses, lovey-dovey, mushy-gooshy . . .

It’s over!

Don’t get me wrong. DGH (Darling Gorgeous Husband) is the most romantic man in the world, but he didn’t get me flowers (“been done” in his words), no candy (he’s so considerate too!), no jewelry (I don’t really wear it).

Instead, he got me this!

2010-02-15 20.59.30.jpg


He is TRULY an amazing man. He is so sweet! He used not so fat pictures of me!  *grin* The middle picture was the first picture we ever took together.  🙂

Lovopoly is like Monopoly except the properties are memories and the game is MUCH shorter. Unless you’re like us and fiercely competitive. When DGH bought the last property and I told him the game was over he didn’t believe me!

Shocked Monkey Face The brat!!

He’s too competitive for a lovey-dovey game like that. So we continued to play until dinner came.

Chinese food!

We left the game and ate dinner in front of the TV in our bedroom because that has become our dining room recently.


More than likely because DGH BROKE one of our two dining room chairs.

That’s a story for another day though.

That was our Valentine’s Day. At least all that’s fit to print!  

How was your Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day?

Weigh in Results and Life February 12, 2010

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I know. I said I’d share my weigh in results with you last night.

Life got in the way? Can I use that excuse?

Anyway. I flew from work to WW to weigh in and then raced to Curves to squeeze in my work-out. The only problem with that . . .


I generally don’t eat before I weigh in, but I do try to have a hearty mid-afternoon snack on days I go to Curves.  That was the dilema. I took a FiberOne chocolate & oats bar with me to eat before I worked out.

But my results . . .

FINALLY! I’ve lost weight again! The working out is paying off now. I’m down 1.4 pounds. I’m at 207.8  YES!!!

Back to my excuses as to why I didn’t post this FABULOUS news last night . . .

I got home and saying hi to my gorgeous adoring husband I tossed pork chops in the oven and nuked a couple potatoes.

I ate 3.5 oz of pork chops and a medium potato with 3 tbsp of ketchup. Yes, I measured out everything.

But no veggies. By the time I thought about it Pt had come over for Poker and we hadn’t eaten yet. So I forgot about veggies and we ate while Pt networked my netbook to DH’s desktop.

My intention was to let you guys know! Really, it was!

In a totally off the wall subject – Does anyone know how to resize pictures? I normally have no problem with it, but today I can’t get it to work for the life of me!

Eh . . .

A week of snow February 11, 2010

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Well I got my mid-week snow yesterday! YIPEE!!

No, I don’t have any pictures of it.

Yes, I’m a bad blogger. I’m really bad at pictures.

I somehow made it into work. My car wouldn’t start because it’d been sitting idle since last Friday when I got home from work at 11:30 am.  So I took DH’s van because he said he wasn’t going to go to the pool.  I slid a couple times, which was scary but it wasn’t far and I got control back quickly.

Anyway. After work I went to weigh in at WW and they were closed! BOOO!!! The roads were clear by the time I got off work!

So today is going to be the day of reckoning. With the working out at Curves I’ve been doing and the snow shoveling I did last weekend, I should have lost something right?

It’s getting frustrating.

I heard something about The Wendy Plan today. If I haven’t lost anything, I’m going to give that a try.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how I do tonight.

A Snowed In Day February 7, 2010

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SNOW!!! It has been snowing since 8:30 yesterday morning.

Since they had canceled the General Assembly Big Bossman told us to use our best judgement on coming into the office.  I got to work and 30 minutes later, it started snowing. YIPEE!!

I ended up leaving work at 11 yesterday and spent the rest of the day on the couch in front of the TV with a sleeping kitty curled up on my lap.  The perfect day!

I got up this morning, planning on going to Curves . . . that is until I looked outside. Yea, no, not so much.

Instead, I bundled up and walked to the grocery store. It was only a 1/2 mile walk, but walking in the snow is hard work. My poor calves!

And of course, I’ve forgotten how to shop for food when walking.


But I managed to carry $60 worth of groceries back home. I got a lot of stuff to make yummies for our maybe Superbowl party tomorrow.

As much as I can’t stand the management of our apartment complex, I do love my neighbors.

I was out shoveling DH’s van and my car, doing a preliminary shoveling since it was still snowing at that point, and one of my neighbors came by with his two boys and offered to scrape the snow off of my car. He was also kind enough to scrape the snow of DH’s van as well. It made things for me SO much easier.

With my walk to the grocery store and shoveling snow I earned 4 activity points today!!

I managed to eat pretty well today.

When I got back from the grocery store I made myself a ham sandwich. It was made of Arnold’s Sandwich Thins, a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese, 7 slices of Healthy Ones Ham, and a handful of spinach. It was SO good and was only 3 points.

Dinner was 6 pigs in a blanket, that was 19 points!!! Wow . . .

I also had a Deep Chocolate VitaTop (1 point) and 2 Mimosas (4 points).

In total I ate 27 points. I’m allowed 26, so I only ate 1 of my activity points! GO ME!!!

I’ve gained 5 Activity Points so far this week and have only eaten 1. I’m hoping that remains the way.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


I like easy yummy meals! February 5, 2010

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DH was at his parent’s for dinner tonight. I expected him to go last night so that’s when I’d planned leftovers. Well he changed his plans because he wanted the snow on the roads to melt a little more before he went to the pool and then to his folks. I don’t blame him. . .


Anyway. We did have leftovers last night because I was planning on it being a late night, but I didn’t stay at the WW meeting yesterday. I went, weighed in, found out I’d gained . . . GR! . . . and went home.

DH and I had some of the casserole I had made the night before. Believe it or not, it was better the second day. But casserole’s usually are, aren’t they?

Anyway. After work today I went to Curves and busted my butt pretty good throughout the entire thing. So much so that when I was beginning my second circuit the trainer suggested I slow down when I get closer to the end to bring my heart rate down before I stretched.  I followed her instructions and slowed down a little.

I wiped myself out! I got home and finished up making Skinny Chicken Parmesan. SO GOOD! And pretty easy. Though the smoke detector did go off every time I pulled the oven open to flip the chicken or add the marinara sauce and cheese. That is until I had the genius idea of turning the vent on!

EUREKA! It worked!

I was planning on making multi-grain noodles as well, but I really didn’t want them. They were more for DH than for me anyway . . . so I’m telling myself now.

I was still making dinner when DH got home about 7:30. His mom sent home leftovers which included 2 rolls, so I ate those instead of the noodles.

And I got to eat those while the chicken was still cooking.

BONUS! I was starving!

I know, I should have taken a picture of it. It was pretty. But when I’m hungry, taking pictures is the last thing I think about.

So I’ll have to leave you with a picture of what I had for lunch.

It took me all morning to eat my yogurt, so by lunch time I wasn’t hungry. However about 1:30 (an hour and half later) I did get hungry. My lunch was a romaine/spinach salad that had cherry tomatoes in it and covered in Italian Dressing. I also had 2 carrotts. Very filling! And it lasted me all day.

A Romaine Lettuce Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and Italian dressing. 2 whole carrots in addition.

Lunch . . . YUM!

I ended up eating a RaisinBran Vita Top about 4:30 so I would have something in my stomach when I went to Curves, but otherwise was not actually hungry.

Was that wrong?